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Mark Thompson and Matt Callen here – and you’re probably thinking we’re CRAZY for doing this....

Throughout our years in online marketing, we’ve realized this one undeniable truth: the real profits are made from selling digital products online.

Sure, you can sell just about anything on your website, but the problem with marketing a physical product has to do with the overhead costs involved. I’m a believer in selling eBooks, videos, online courses and seminars, etc., for the simple fact that these products only need to be created once - yet they can be sold a thousand times!

Therein lies the fortune to be found in
online marketing.

However, many marketers, like you and I, have discovered the massive profit potential involved with selling software and apps. But all too often many have found themselves in a bit of an oddly difficult spot....

  • It’s rather obvious that the software business is booming and is still projected to grow, especially since the prices of web-accessible devices are projected to fall.

But... there’s a problem: while the overhead costs once the app is developed are practically nothing, the upfront costs present a massive obstacle. Sure, you can sell the app a thousand times, but developing one that’s useable, helpful, and marketable is extremely expensive.

Here’s what I mean…

  • Unless you know how to develop software, you’ll have
    to figure out what kind of app people will want to buy,
    and then you’ll need to hire a developer (or an entire
    team, depending on the scope of the project.)

  • After that comes the 8-12 weeks it takes to develop
    an app if it’s a smaller project -and up to a year if
    it’s a major app with lots of complex functions.

  • Once that’s done, it’s got to be tested, the bugs have to
    be worked out (because there are always bugs), and
    its graphical interface has to be functional.

  • Then comes the legal side of the project, which
    means that you’ve got to hire an attorney that
    specializes in copyright law

  • Once that’s all finished, you can finally launch your
    campaign.  BUT, as you’re probably well aware, this
    will cost you more time, energy, and of course…
    additional dollars.

So, what’s the bottom line?

  • From start to finish, you could be looking at paying
    $50,000 out-of-pocket
    for the development of the software, and that’s not even including the usual $5,000 if you don’t already have an online marketing machine in place.

So you can see now why so many good marketing entrepreneurs are stuck in this pickle of a business decision. This golden opportunity is ripe for the taking, but the obstacle of the upfront cost is one that is just not feasible to overcome.

Today is your chance to bypass
the development phase and see instant,
100% profits...

So don’t even worry about starting from square-one...

...or paying thousands, out-of-pocket, for a software design team. Why?

We’ve taken the hardest, most expensive part out of your way, and already developed one of THE most comprehensive, user-friendly, powerful, and cost-effective SEO apps on the market for YOU to resell.

And this white label beauty can be all yours…

...That’s correct: you won’t have to run a single test or add a one measly line of program software coding, because we’ve already taken care of it for you!

I want to allow you to bypass all that hassle and start profiting TODAY from an amazing app!

ReBrand Apps presents..

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Get 100% White Label Rights and Keep 100% of the Profits by selling our Custom Built SEO Spying and Analysis Software, SEO Snapshot as Your Own.


Always be one step ahead of your competition with SEO Snapshot’s
Powerful Automated Intel Features.

Here’s Why SEO Snapshot Sells Itself with
Its Feature-Packed Tools...

SEO Score

Quickly visualize your overall SEO report card and compare it to your competition.  Fix the SEO mistakes on your site, and increase your score… and rankings!

OnPage SEO Audit

Getting good backlinks is important, but making sure that Google sees your site as quality content that visitors will continue to go back to is crucial. If your on-page SEO isn’t up to par, you won’t rank. SEO Snapshot will help you fix this!

Social Signals and Social Page Analysis

Complete breakdown of your social signal impact in SEO, as well as a full breakdown of your Facebook and Twitter page analysis.

traffic estimation

See how your site stacks up against your competition!

Mobile Analysis

How does your site fair on mobile devices?  This is critical when ranking high on Google from mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android, and tablets.

Page Speed
and Load Times

This is critical with ranking high, as Google’s algorithms give higher authority and ranking to faster loading sites with little errors.  Fix all of the holes in your site after analyzing these key metrics.

and many more reports...

All these features combine to create SEO reports that are clear, direct, straight to the point, and easy to understand what steps you need to take next to outrank your competitors…

Get 100% White Label Rights and Keep
100% of the Profits


Membership System With Total Admin Integration

- When one of your customers purchases SEO Snapshot, they’ll have access to their own membership back office via their login info. From your admin area, you’ll be able to manage the ENTIRE membership website, which is installed on YOUR own servers. Also, we’ve produced training materials and tutorials just for you, so you can get the most out of your SEO Snapshot white label reselling machine.

Design: Simple, yet Beautiful. Engaging, yet Attractive.

We spared absolutely no expense on our end, which is why we brought onboard a dream team of developers and graphic designers. That’s why you’re going to get the latest in GUI design, formatting, and functionality with a complete package of screenshots, images, graphs, and videos that will kick your sales into overdrive. SEO Snapshot is yours to resell, but we handled the hardest part for you.

A Salespage That’s Been Tested and Proven For Maximum Conversions

You need a salespage that simply turns visitors into customers, which is why our team of seasoned salescopy writers has crafted content that exceeds industry performance standards. It simply works and has been A-B tested, time and time again, to create buyers.

Membership System With Total Admin Integration

Worried about training your customers on using SEO Snapshot? Well, you don’t have to be, because we’ve taken care of that too. Included in your purchase are the video source files, which can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and accessed in the members back office area.

It’s simplicity at its finest:
fast, easy, and ready to go...

Once you’ve purchased the SEO Snapshot white label system, all you need to do is install the package on your hosting server, and you’re off! You don’t have to sell downloadable software, and you’ll even be able choose YOUR own name of YOUR own product during the server installation and setup process. When members access your SEO monitoring web app, they’ll see the name you chose (and not ours, because YOU bought the resale rights -this is your baby.)

And because you’re with us, we’ll be helping you with the technical issues - so you’ll only need to provide the basic support. That’s all there is to it. All that’s left is for you to click that buy button, so we can get your white label profits off the ground today...

So You’re Just One Click Away...

If I knew that I had just one chance to make a small, simple decision… a decision that could change my business exponentially with huge success…

Then I would not hesitate for a second. I’d dive right in, head first.

Quite frankly, I cannot stand get-rich-quick schemes, and for one very simple fact...

There’s a stark difference between a cheap scheme and a lucrative opportunity: with the latter, both you and your customers can bring it home for the win.

The buy button below is a chance for you to have just that.

If you want to experience massive profits from selling the SEO Snapshot software AS YOUR OWN, keeping 100% of the profits, while providing your customers with a crucial tool that will help their own business experience massive increases in efficiency and sales… Then don’t hesitate on this golden opportunity.

White-Label License - Keep 100% of the Profits!

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For the next 100 73 38 9 new members…

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Professionally Developed & Supported by RebrandApps –
Selling Over 12 Million in Software Sales!

Your Rights as a White-Label Owner:

  • You can resell access to the software for a minimum of $17 to an unlimited number of users.
  • You can’t resell the membership script (it’s only for installing on your servers).
  • You can install the membership script on 1 domain that you own.

Don’t Forget that all white-label apps are...

Powered by the “Rebrand Apps” Framework

  • 5-Minute  

Installing a Rebrand Apps App is as easy as installing WordPress. Simply upload the files to your server/domain, then go to the install.php file and following the step-by-step instructions. Done. You are ready to start selling!

  • Payment

Easy Integration with any payment processor you would like, including Paypal and Stripe.

  • User

Manage all of your new customers in a simple User Management console, which allows for each Adding / Deleting / Disabling of accounts.

  • Email Notification

Send out transactional email notifications like Welcome, Account Creation and Reset Password emails using any SMTP provider like Mandrill or Postmark.

  • Email Integration

Automatically add your customers to any email marketing provider, to send product updates and marketing promotions.

  • White-Label Options

Upload your own logo and branding to make the app completely unique.

Plus, receive full protection
under our complete,
unconditional, iron-clad
30-day money back guarantee!

We’re so absolutely sure that SEO Snapshot will help your online business that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason
SEO Snapshot does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will always refund your money. Give SEO Snapshot a Try right now!

You have nothing to lose!

White-Label License - Keep 100% of the Profits!

Grab SEO Snapshot at $100 Discount

For the next 100 73 38 9 new members…

$197ONLY $297


Professionally Developed & Supported by RebrandApps –
Selling Over 12 Million in Software Sales!